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Portugal and Poland – a growing friendship

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EC lowered its forecast for Poland’s GDP

On Friday 11 November, the European Commission lowered its forecast for Poland's GDP growth in 2022 from 5.2% to 4.0%, and in 2023 from...


Xisha is a Belarusian artist and a political refugee living in Warsaw. Graduated from The Belarusian Academy of Arts in Minsk in 1996, she’s...

Climate technology investment in CEE on the up

The Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region accounts for 3.73% of all greenhouse gas emissions, but attracts only 0.79% of global investment in climate...

Griffin Capital Partners highlights the strategic direction towards private equity

The largest privately-owned investment and asset manager in private equity and real estate in CEE, Griffin Real Estate has announced changing its name to Griffin Capital Partners. The name change is accompanied by a refreshed visual identity, underlining the strategic direction towards private equity that the company has already taken. The change also reflects and emphasizes the strong operational capacities of its team of top-class experts, not only in the area of real estate but also that of private equity.

As the most active and innovative investor in the region in the last 15 years, our name has been recognized not only in Poland but also in the CEE market. While our activities were mostly connected to the real estate sector, our investment strategy has been moving forward in recent years, creating operational platforms related to real estate, and expanding our range of investments into pure private equity. Although we are proud of our long track record and the multiple innovative concepts that we have introduced to the Polish real estate market, we want our name to truly reflect the broadened scope of our company – private equity, real estate and our skilled team of experts”, said Maciej Dyjas, Managing Partner at Griffin Capital Partners.

Private equity has always been a part of Griffin’s DNA, but recently we have decided to expand this pillar of our activity even further. In recent years we have been involved in acquisitions and became investors in: Proservice, a fintech platform; ITK-Avenga, an IT outsourcing  company; and SMYK, a leading Central European child/family-oriented retailer and e-commerce business. Our recent purchase of a major stake in PAD-RES, a leading developer in the clean energy asset space in Poland, is a good example of the direction in which we are headingLooking ahead, we want our name to reflect our future oriented mindset”, said Nebil Senman, Managing Partner at Griffin Capital Partners.

Trendsetter on the Polish market

Griffin Capital Partners has been a competitive presence on the Polish real estate market as an active cross-sector investor, with its know-how backed up by a strong track record of transactions in different types of assets. Over the years, the company has originated several revolutionary concepts and formats. Among other initiatives, it has introduced to the Polish market: the first WSE-listed office platform (Griffin Premium Real Estate); the first pure yielding logistics platform – European Logistics Investment (ELI); a network of privately-owned student housing – Student Depot; Poland’s first residential-for-rent-platform – Resi4Rent; and a non-banking platform to finance real estate developers – Griffin Property Finance.

11 investment platforms and growing

The gross asset value of Griffin managed investments across eleven actively run platforms exceeds EUR 5 billion, with total invested equity of over EUR 2.5 billion. The company operates both in the private equity and real estate markets, functioning as an investment and capital manager. It sources investment targets of interest and opportunity areas, with a special focus on Poland, finding capital and strategic partners. Together with them, it carries out acquisitions and, from that moment on, becomes the entity managing the whole process – from acquisition, through value creation and, eventually, on to exit.

Strong partnerships and teams of top-class experts

Griffin Capital Partners boasts a significant number of successful alliances with renowned international investors and strategic partners including a number of global investment funds such as; Oaktree Capital Management, Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO), Redefine Properties, Kajima Corporation, WING, Madison International Realty, Ares Management Corporation, and Bridgepoint.

“Our value is not only in sourcing transactions, providing equity and introducing new concepts. One of our biggest strengths is building strong, best in class management teams for portfolio companies. Our team’s extensive, specialized knowledge, years of experience in operations, capital investment, financing and, additionally, our strong track record of important transactions on the market, are the drivers behind the development of our company. We have always been a highly innovative organization in the market, and we want to keep inspiring as a leader in private equity”, said Nebil Senman, Managing Partner at Griffin Capital Partners.

New and exciting chapter

We are optimistic about the future. Griffin is a great company with an impressive portfolio, a clear vision, and a future-focused plan to drive significant value and profits for investors. Empowered and energized, the company has a robust outlook of far-reaching goals and is ready for whatever the future might hold”, summed up Maciej Dyjas, Managing Partner at Griffin Capital Partners.

source: Griffin Capital Partners

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