Thursday, December 1, 2022

About Us

Poland Weekly – business, people and culture

Poland Weekly is a new media project that provides information and insights about Poland to foreigners. The weekly newspaper – distributed and sold inside and outside Poland, the portal and original video programmes are aimed at keeping an international community up to date with the economic and business situation in Poland, but also introducing information about culture, society and lifestyle.

Poland Weekly is private and independent weekly newspaper and portal, not tied to any political party or government agency. It is published by the Federal Media Company, a Poland-based media company owning various media operations, including Gazeta Finansowa (Financial News) and Home&Market. Gazeta Finansowa is number 1 among economic weeklies on the Polish market and has been published since 1998. The Home&Market economic monthly is for senior managers and has been present on the market for over 20 years. “With the position of the Publisher on the market and the resources it has, I’m sure we will make Poland Weekly an important and valuable place for foreigners interested in Poland,” – says Sylwia Ziemacka, Managing Director at Poland Weekly.

Need for information

The potential and the need is still huge. With a growing foreign’ community in Poland, but also because of acceleration of global economic interchanges, there is a space – even a must – for a national business portal and newspaper in English.

I often hear your opinion, dear readers living in Poland, that until you learned the Polish language you were not able to grasp our business, cultural or social reality. Therefore, you have not been able to effectively bring the attractive offers you have to the table. Poland Weekly will allow you to participate in Polish everyday life more fully and with greater awareness of the ongoing processes.” – says Kasia Braiter, Editor in Chief at Poland Weekly.

With almost 38 million inhabitants, Poland is one of the largest countries in the European Union. It is also the sixth largest market in the EU. According to the World Bank, Poland’s well-diversified economy is among the least COVID-19 pandemic-affected in Europe. Polish society is changing, landscapes in the cities across country went through the enormous transition and are still evolving. We have more and more successful Polish companies active on international markets and our economy still attracts foreign investment. The transition (digital and environmental) that we have been going through creates challenges, but also brings a lot of opportunities. There is much to write about and a lot to discuss on the international level.

But it is not only foreigners living in Poland who will be the recipients of our weekly. We dream that every businessman or tourist coming to Poland will be able to get acquainted on-line with everything that is in his/her field of interest in our country and be able to know that there will be a sort of guide waiting for him or her on the spot of what to see in Poland, where is it worth investing, where to take care of your health and where to relax.” – ads Kasia.

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Editor in Chief
Former consul of the Republic of Poland and former president of European Union Families Association EUFASA. She worked for OSCE and EU as election observer. Lecturer from diplomatic protocol and savoir vivre. Board member of SHOM, Spouses of Heads of Mission
Sylwia Ziemacka
Managing DirectorShe has over 15 years of experience in media, communication and public relations. She used to work for several publishers, managing both Polish and international media projects. She specializes in B2B communication and publishing.