Saturday, September 30, 2023


Merry Christmas, dear to all of us

Christmas is truly a special time. Most often causing panic at the beginning - what to do, cook, what to buy? But after a...

Stop For 1 Minute

The commemoration of the 78th anniversary of the Warsaw Rising Once a year, on August 1, the inhabitants of Warsaw pay tribute to the heroes...

Preliminary census results show small dip in Polish population

According to the preliminary results of the National Population and Housing Census 2021, the population of Poland was 38,179.800, down 0.9% compared to the...

WOŚP: Poland’s annual charity event hits 30

The 30th anniversary of Poland’s biggest charity fund-raiser took place on January 30, with 1,633 staff and nearly 120,000 volunteers collecting money throughout Poland...

Christmas spending of Poles

December is one of the most financially demanding times of the year. Shopping for gifts for loved ones, food products for Christmas Eve and...

Łódź launches foreigner-friendly campaign

The City of Łódź Office has prepared special guides for foreigners who decide to settle in Łódź, part of its campaign to attract foreigners to the central Polish city.

Poles’ shift to e-vehicles gains traction

97% of drivers of such vehicles in Poland are satisfied and they do not intend to return to internal combustion motorization.