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Polish sport leaders awarded

The ‘TOP 5 Polish Sport Leaders’ ranking by the iconic Gentleman Magazine is a prestigious award for commitment to supporting and promoting Polish sport and creating its positive image in the country and in the world. It honors the work of both company leaders and athletes. Its main criterion, however, is not sport results, but above all the fact of understanding and perseverance in supporting activity, healthy lifestyle, unique activities in the framework of corporate social responsibility and “fair play” attitudes.

The winners include:

  • President of Suzuki Motor Poland, Piotr Dulnik – for commitment and systematic actions to support and promote Polish sport;
  • President of the LUX MED Group, Anna Rulkiewicz – for effective medical support of the Polish Olympic Committee and the Polish Olympic Team;
  • Anna and Robert Lewandowski – for promoting a good image of Poland in the world and broadly supporting people in need;
  • President and owner of Legia Warszawa, Dariusz Mioduski – for an innovative and comprehensive approach to the activity of the football club as part of a wider community, as well as for promoting “fair play” attitudes;
  • President of mPay, Andrzej Basiak – for supporting local sport and promoting its traditions.

Piotr Dulnik is the first Pole to act as President of Suzuki Motor Poland. The importer of the Japanese has been engaged in motorsport, boxing, handball, basketball and football. Piotr Dulnik, as a member of the Supervisory Board of the Polish Basketball League and chairman of the Supervisory Board of Korona Kielce, is personally involved in activities aimed at improving the condition of these sports disciplines. For his activity, he was also awarded the Golden Badge of the Polish Basketball Association and the Golden Badge of the Polish Boxing Association.

Since 2014, the LUX MED Group has been the Main Medical Partner of the Polish Olympic Committee and the Polish Olympic Team. It provides full, specialized and professional medical care to Polish sportsmen – both those who are titled and who achieve the best sports results, as well as those who start their sports careers. The Group has been supporting Poles in an active lifestyle for a long time and makes sure that they practice sports safely. The President of the LUX MED Group, Anna Rulkiewicz, is also the Vice-President of Employers of the Republic of Poland, President of the Association of Private Medicine Employers and vice-president of the Council of the Polish Olympic Committee.

Anna and Robert Lewandowscy are one of the most liked couples in the world of sport. The footballer and his wife regularly appear together at events and support each other. At the same time, they are the best ambassadors who build a good image of Poland in the world.

Dariusz Mioduski is a recognized entrepreneur, investor, manager and philanthropist, a graduate of the law faculty at Harvard University, who gained experience managing leading international law firms and investment houses. Since 2014, he has been the owner of Legia Warszawa, where he has also been its president since 2017. Since 2015, Dariusz Mioduski has been a member of the management board, and since 2019 he has been the vice-president of the European Club Association, an organization associating leading European football clubs. He is also a member of the UEFA Club Competitions Committee and chairman of the Supervisory Board of Ekstraklasa.

For the inhabitants of Częstochowa, speedway is a special discipline. Tradition, a great show and emotions make the inhabitants of Częstochowa love this sport discipline. Interest in this sport discipline is passed on from generation to generation. Entire families come to the competition who want to watch the speedway races and cheer for their team.

For Andrzej Basiak, president of mPay, sponsoring the local sports club CKM Włókniarz is a natural thing. President Basiak has been a staunch supporter of the club from a young age, and he used to come to the stadium with his grandfather.

More information: Ranking TOP 5 Liderów Polskiego Sportu Gentleman Magazine

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