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Q&A with ARTur Moon

ARTur Moon is an unconventional pianist, composer and improviser. Playing from the age of 4, he has played in 22 countries across four continents, winning six top prizes at international piano competitions in Europe.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I take inspiration from every place and situation. I’m trying to live in the present. I used to be inspired by the greatest composers of this world (Chopin, Bach, Schubert). I still perform their music, but I interpret it in my own way. In my original compositions, I am inspired by nature, phenomena and every situation and place where I am. I try to create an atmosphere of experiences during concerts or when creating music. Each of my songs is a kind of experience and this is how I treat my music: as a mission of some kind of message to the world.

Did you always know what you wanted to play? Has it come with time?

There are certain paradigms and learning patterns in a music school. The teaching standards determined the material I grew up on, i.e. classical music. However, I always had to add my own accents, something that made it clear that it was my interpretation or impression. Already during school competitions, I chose those that are more entertaining or a free-style program.  I have tried and still try to blur the lines between musical genres. Raised on classical music, I perform what can be called neoclassical, jazz, free-jazz, film, or meditation, new-age music. I am simply fascinated by the sound and I am not trying to limit myself in naming or categorizing music. I just love spreading high quality art with an inspiring message.

How did you survive the pandemic?

The pandemic was a great time for the development of my art’s worldwide availability and for the use of modern promotion methods. The music I create found its use for those who needed a distraction from routine, it allowed them to calm down and gave them some relief. It was necessary during the pandemic. During this period, I also established cooperation with an ennobled music distributor, creating the VEVO channel reserved for the greatest musicians in this world, thanks to which I reach an increasing number of recipients. It was during the pandemic that my social channels grew to a total of over 100,000 fans. At that time, I also went on the first route for me, covering some extreme regions of the world. I started in India, with a short change in Poland, to Mexico and the US. In addition, the compositions of King Rama IX, the longest reigning Thai monarch, were performed by me and broadcast on Thai national television. To this day, you can watch them on my Youtube channel ( The time of the pandemic was difficult but necessary.

I know you are traveling. Tell us about your tours.

I have already performed concerts in many countries around the world. From classical and jazz festivals, castles, palaces to aristocratic courts and royal families. I value the diversity of cultures in the world the most. While traveling, always in the countries where I perform concerts I try to bow to the culture in which I live. And so, for example, recently in India I performed impressions of Indian mantras, in Mexico I smuggled well-known traditional melodies and played American music in Los Angeles. Each journey brings beautiful experiences. But as Stan Borys said about me, “I think that he should be promoted everywhere in the world, because half of the world already knows his playing, but still half of the world is waiting for him” (source: I agree and I am looking forward to my next trip, especially to Thailand, where I will play for the royal family as the first Pole in history.

Do you have any favorite concert that gives you the strength to create new creations?

My favorite performance – and so far I have created five of them, from classical music to a concert of music listened to while lying down – is the Concert in Darkness. I love the freedom to create in this endeavor. The concert sounds different each time. And the reception of this project has been phenomenal. I try to provide the audience with an experience by closing their eyes (also playing in the dark), going inside myself. It is a kind of musical therapy, I would call it Piano Meditation Therapy. This is through the piano, string vibrations, entering myself to create an interesting experience, on the border of the real and the unreal worlds. Many people feel calm, others even come back to their memories, and I don’t know what I’m playing. I can feel the inner guidance and improvisation of my heart. This is why this concert is so special and unique.

Please tell us where and when you will have your concerts now? For me, your concert was special, I would like other people to have the pleasure of listening to you.

All concerts are always announced on my social channels and official website, just type in “ARTur Moon” and I’ll be there wherever it is needed. Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Youtube and many more. I also invite you to my website (, where in the ‘concerts’ tab all dates of my performances around the world are regularly published. At the moment, I am planning a trip to Thailand, a return to India, where I will play a few concerts and a tour in Scandinavia. However, I never forget my native Polish audience. My next concert in Poland can be heard during the biggest spiritual and developmental event “Life Balance Congress” at Expo XXI Hall in Warsaw, where I will perform a concert for an audience of several thousand. Besides, I invite you to follow all social channels and listen to music on Spotify and YouTube channel ( Thank you for a beautiful interview!

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