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Sport, friendship and life balance

Amedeo Ronga is a Neapolitan who came to Poland four and a half years ago being more reluctant than excited about the place of his relocation. Today his feelings about Poland are very much different.

What’s the story of your moving to Poland?

Back in November 2017 while I was spending few days off in Miami, I received a call from my boss saying he had some news for me – a good one and a bad one… The bad news was that he was asking me to take on more responsibilities within the company. The good one – I would have to move shortly to Poland. Well, at that time I was really confused mostly about which was the good news and which was the bad one. But I have to admit that today, after spending few years in Warsaw, I can see that he was right and that moving to Poland was pretty good news.

What do you do?

I work for the largest Italian bank – Intesa Sanpaolo. I am a sales guy – in the banking environment better known as a relationship manager. In Poland I am responsible for the relationship with Italian Corporates operating locally.

So what made you change your mind about Poland? What do you like about our country or specifically Warsaw?

The city is very safe, clean and the public transportation is just great. There is a lot of greenery around and people do a lot of outdoor activities. I met many friends running and riding bike. To this extent I will be always grateful to Poland as I started riding here in Warsaw and today I do consider it my favorite hobby.

What do you find Poland or Warsaw is lacking?

I don’t want to get into politics but just a couple of thoughts: open Sundays, respect of human rights, diversity and inclusion. I am sure I will be able to reconsider those points in the coming future.

How would you describe Polish people?

I don’t really know how to answer this question. I rather try to classify people as interesting to me or not. So I don’t really focus very much on nationality, age, gender etc. Some Polish people can be dull just like some Italians… But if I have to generalize I would say that Poles like Italians and it’s probably because we share a similar culture (family and religion). I have always felt included here. I met so many interesting and well-educated people. I made really good friends that I am sure will be part of my life even after I’m asked to relocate again and leave Poland.

Have you faced any particular challenges moving here? Was there something difficult to deal with or get used to?

Every move and change of habits brings in some good and some bad things. Since I came to Poland at the beginning of 2018, my wife and I have been living apart and this has been very difficult. It took me a while to find a new balance. The major barrier is also the language despite the fact that many people in Poland speak English. I also had to adjust to life in a city that is moving a ‘little’ slower than New York, where I was living between 2014 and 2018. It took me some time to get used to those changes – I started feeling home here after almost one year from the move.

I have to ask – can Italian person be satisfied with Polish cuisine?

Oh sure. I am a food lover and I like to try and experience different cuisines… I still remember going to the Polish restaurant in Brooklyn just to prepare and understand what I would find once I’m here. And also – the city offers a variety of restaurants and you can find anything from Italian to Asian here. Pierogi ruskie and Żurek are my favorite polish dishes – after a slice of bread with smalec of course.

Do you miss home?

I am from the most beautiful city in the world – Napoli (pizza, sole and mandolino). However I moved to Milan for studies and this city became my second home in Italy. It’s also where actually my family is based. I’ve spent the last 10 years abroad and now that I am in my late 30’s I have started missing my country a bit more.

If given a choice – would you decide to stay in Poland longer than planned?

Well – I do like the quality of life in Poland. Work life balance, proximity to Italy and other cities in Europe within two hours flights. It may sound weird but I also like the weather here. In short, could I have my wife here, I’d not think twice to stay in Poland longer. DZIĘKUJĘ BARDZO POLSKA.

Wiktoria Sawicka-Djassi
Wiktoria Sawicka-Djassi
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