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Gdynia Sailing Days 2022

Gdynia Sailing Days, one of the most important sailing events in the Baltic Sea basin, takes place on July 8-24. This is the 23rd edition of the Gdynia Sailing Days festival, during which we will see the entire spectrum of regatta sailing. And all this in Gdynia – the sailing capital of Poland.

Photo Credit: Robert Hajduk/Gdynia Sailing Days

Over 600 sailors from 20 regatta classes will be there. One of the most interesting attractions will be the virtual regatta PGE eGdynia Sailing Days broadcast live by the Polish Esports League and Polboat Yachting Festival. There will also be plenty of other attractions for residents and tourists.

The event starts on Friday, July 8 with virtual sailing. On that day, PGE eGdynia Sailing Days begins. It is the world’s largest and most popular online sailing race simulator, managed by the world sailing federation World Sailing. The celebration of such virtual sports will be a link between esports and real sailing. Racing as part of Gdynia Sailing Days starts on July 9 with races in the Polish Sailing League Ekstraklasa.

“It will be a unique edition and the involvement of the main sponsor of PZŻ, PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna has allowed us to expand the formula of the event. It is not only a competition on the water, but also has a number of attractions on the shore. For the first time in the history of the event, there will also be a virtual regatta, to which we invite sailors from around the world. PGE eGdynia Sailing Days will have a spectacular setting thanks to cooperation with the Polish Esports League, which will broadcast the final game live. eSailing is developing dynamically, with hundreds of thousands of people around the world competing in virtual regattas and thanks to this we have a chance to reach a wide audience with our event,” says Tomasz Chamera, President of the Polish Sailing Association.

On July 21-24, Gdynia’s Marina Yacht Park will be filled with sailing yachts, luxury catamarans and motor boats. During these days, the Polboat Yachting Festival will take place, i.e. an exhibition of the Polish yacht industry. This is the largest exposition of yachts on the water in Poland, where there are more and more premieres and unique yacht models. During the event, we will also be able to meet representatives and producers of the exhibited yachts and with interesting special guests of the festival. It is also a chance to become acquainted with the latest trends and technologies used in the yacht industry. “Leading Polish shipyards – Sunreef Yachts, Galeon, Cobrey, Northman, Parker, La Mare, Sportis – and many young but extremely interesting (Canna Boats, Mongird Yachts, D-Boat,Futuro Boats). as well as prestigious foreign brands such as Hanse, Dehler, Windy, Bayliner, Malibu, Saxdor have announced their participation. More than a dozen premieres are expected.

In addition, visitors will be able to take part in free cruises on sailing yachts and motor boats this year – as part of the action #ZostańWodniakiem. Admission to the exhibition is free of charge,” says Michał Bąk, Secretary General of the Polish Chamber of Yacht Industry and Water Sports – Polish Yachts. Gdynia Sailing Days is also a number of attractions for residents and tourists prepared in cooperation with partners and the Gdynia Sports Center. The location of both Gdynia marinas in the very center of the city creates opportunities for direct participation in the event and close contact with sailing. On the Gdynia Śródmieście beach there will also be a special Kinder Moving zone, where many entertainments will be waiting for the youngest.

Photo Credit: Robert Hajduk/Gdynia Sailing Days

“After two years of organizing the event in the conditions of pandemic restrictions, this year, fortunately, we can open up to residents and tourists. Of course, we do not forget that the pandemic has not passed, but the lifting of restrictions gives us many more opportunities. It has always been the case that Gdynia Sailing Days is a holiday not only for the sailing community, but also an opportunity to promote sailing among people, especially children and young people who have not yet had contact with this sport. Gdynia Sailing Days is a full spectrum of regatta sailing at the start we will see many excellent sailors from Poland and abroad and there will also be a lot of sailing youth. I’m already looking forward to seeing hundreds of sails on the Bay of Gdansk. I invite everyone to Gdynia,” says Chamera. The Gdynia Sailing Days sailing festival has already become a permanent fixture in the calendar, but also in the landscape of the city of Gdynia, which has been actively involved in the organization of the event from the very beginning. It will be the 23rd edition of the event, which has made Gdynia one of the most important sailing centers in the Baltic Sea basin.

Sylwia Ziemacka
Sylwia Ziemacka
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