Saturday, June 22, 2024

Fantasy Art in Warsaw

The 3rd edition of the “Fantasy Art in Warsaw” exhibition offers exclusive access to almost 60 art pieces, most of which have not been...

How Poland stands in the AI-era

Can the process of Polish convergence at its current pace be sustained, or is it just a historical anomaly, and how does AI affect ...

IMPACT LEADERS: Beata Mońka, Founder and CEO of Art of Networking

Today, we are delighted to welcome Beata Mońka to IMPACT LEADERS with Magda Petryniak. She is the Founder and CEO of Art of Networking,...

Investment in Poland at a crossroads

On May 8, during the 16th European Economic Congress, during the session ‘Investments in Poland through the eyes of business. Regression and hopes,’ the...

Polish high earners’ fortunes fluctuate

The number of people earning over PLN 10,000 (2,300 euros) gross per month increased to 1.5 million in Poland in 2022, according to a...

Polish architecture on minimalistic posters

Rafał Stefanowski creates minimalistic posters depicting the classics of Polish architecture for pleasure. As he says, working on posters is, above all, a lot of good design fun for him, because he likes what he does.

“The idea to make the first poster was mainly due to the desire and need to design […]. I remember then I saw a series of minimalist posters – ‘Six Architects’ by Andrea Gallo, which showed the classics, Corbusier, Kahn, Mies van den Rohe, etc. Then I thought about the University Library in Katowice, designed by the HS99 office. A beautiful building, with a clean, graphic facade. Perfect for making a minimalist poster – just like that, I didn’t think then that I would make a whole series. When the first four posters were ready, I thought of creating a whole series showing the best Polish projects. Then I published a series of the first 10 posters. Friends searched for buildings from posters on the internet – what’s more, they didn’t know about their existence before!,” writes Rafał.

To see the works or make a purchase CLICK HERE

Sylwia Ziemacka
Sylwia Ziemacka
“I believe our unique selling point is that we focus on what brings us together. Poland Weekly offers something you will not find anywhere else: a truly international and unifying perspective focused on content that builds cooperation and mutual understanding. This attitude doesn't make us naïve, but it allows us to focus on mutual understanding and a search for solutions. There are so many new challenges that we are all facing, such as energy transformation, climate change and supply chain disruption, to name but a few. By working together and sharing good practices, we can achieve so much more.”