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Mlekovita: 30 years on and going from strength to strength

Mlekovita, the leader of the dairy industry in Central and Eastern Europe, is not slowing down.

During a meeting of Spółdzielnia Mleczarska Mlekovita (cooperative) on March 25, the President of the Management Board, Dariusz Sapiński, presented a report on the company’s activities, along with the results of 2022.

“2022 was a special year for all of us, not only for Mlekovita, which celebrated the 30th anniversary of the brand. We have faced and still face challenges in many fields, but we are a responsible company and we fulfill this commitment every day. Whatever happens in the immediate or subsequent future, there is no other way for Mlekovita than sustainable development. This mission is shared by everyone in the company: from farmers – milk suppliers – through employees to management. Because a leading position, growing results – including another record for revenues, which last year approached PLN 9.5 billion, prestigious awards and distinctions are our joint achievement: members of the cooperative, the Supervisory Board, milk producers and employees of all production plants, wholesalers and company stores,” Sapiński said.

Mlekovita is now a global company – its products reach 167 countries on all continents. But it is also a very Polish dairy concern, which is made up of its own complementary entities: 22 production plants, 34 wholesalers, 147 Mlekovitka brand stores and the online store.

The company invests strongly in technical and technological infrastructure. In 2022, nearly PLN 100 million was spent on investments, associated with the launch of a ripening cheese factory in Biała Podlaska, a photovoltaic farm at the headquarters in Wysokie Mazowieckie, new production lines, including the headquarters’ UHT departments and a butter plant, and the first Bistro Mlekovitka, also located at the headquarters.

In recent years, even the most crisis-ridden ones, Mlekovita has introduced a number of new products to the market, often the first on the Polish market. Last year saw another 28 new products.

Plans for the next year include further and consistent development of the company and the Mlekovita brand, including in exports, in which Mlekovita has been number one for many years: the largest exporter of dairy products in Central and Eastern Europe. It is a leader not only in the value of exported products, but also in terms of the number of countries served and assortments sent to external markets, currently exporting to a total of 167 countries on all continents: in Europe (including all 27 European Union countries), Asia, Africa, Australia and both North and South Americas, approximately 35% of products manufactured by Mlekovita are sold. On average, 150 containers with products are sent outside Poland every day. Every month, the Mlekovita Group delivers to the domestic and foreign markets a minimum of 60 million liters of milk, 8,000 tons of cheese, 6,000 tons of butter and 10,000 tons of milk powders.

Mlekovita brand products are valued by domestic and foreign customers for their unique nutritional values ​​and health safety. Exports of dairy products and all the actions taken in this area present and promote Poland on the international arena as a reliable economic partner, support the good image of the Polish entrepreneur, contribute to the economic development of the country and attract investors, as well as build trust in Poland and Poles.