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Podkarpacka Philharmonic still lifting the rafters after 70 years

The Podkarpacka Philharmonic invites you to concerts at its headquarters in Rzeszów, where musicians will have been sharing their music for almost 70 years in 2024.

The Artur Malawski Symphonic Philharmonic Orchestra of the Podkarpacie Philharmonic in Rzeszów has been very active in artistic activities not only in the country but also internationally for almost 70 years, thus contributing to the positive image of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship and Poland. 

Since 2017, the institution has been co-managed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, which has not only allowed the Philharmonic to expand and make its activities more attractive, but has also created a number of opportunities for concert cooperation with foreign partners. 

On 2 January, the Podkarpackie Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra performed for the tenth time in the famous Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein. The orchestra was conducted by maestro Michał Maciaszczyk, and the program was filled with music by, among others, J. Strauss – perfect for a concert evening heralding the carnival. The uniqueness of the venue, the fantastic acoustics and musical history and tradition have attracted the attention of listeners from all over the world for years. The concert ended with several encores, and there was no end to the standing ovations expressed by the large audience…. 

In February, the Rzeszów musicians performed in the Czech Republic, where a concert was held in Pilsen, in the Josef Kajetan Tyl Opera Theater.The program of the concert consisted exclusively of works by Polish composers, including F. Chopin and W. Kilar, and was accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra of the Podkarpacka Philharmonic Orchestra by the excellent pianist, Aleksandra Świgut. The entire performance was conducted by maestro Jiri Petrdlik. This is not the end of the Podkarpacka Philharmonic’s foreign concerts, as in October this year, the Rzeszów orchestra completed an artistic tour to Portugal, where three concerts were held with the participation of the Inês de Castro Symphonic Choir, which has been collaborating with the Podkarpacka Philharmonic for several years. Also performing were soloists Leonor Barbosa de Melo (soprano), Gisela Sachse (mezzo-soprano), Bruno Almeida (tenor), Pedro Telles (baritone) and the conductor was Artur Pinho Maria.  The concerts, organized at the Villa Franca de Xira, the Convento Sao Frantisco in Coimbra and the Church of the Shepherds of Fatima, featured W. A. Mozart’s Requiem and the first movement of Henryk Jan Botor’s Symphony No. 2 ‘Fatima’, which was written in 2017 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions at Fatima. The first movement of the work is the Introduction, based on the Gregorian chant Ave Maris Stella. One of the evenings also featured the Piano Concerto by W. A. Mozart with Portuguese pianist Bernardo Santos.  

The Podkarpacka Philharmonic invites you to concerts at its headquarters in Rzeszów.

Erol Dzhelik
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