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Fantasy Art in Warsaw

The 3rd edition of the “Fantasy Art in Warsaw” exhibition offers exclusive access to almost 60 art pieces, most of which have not been...

How Poland stands in the AI-era

Can the process of Polish convergence at its current pace be sustained, or is it just a historical anomaly, and how does AI affect ...

IMPACT LEADERS: Beata Mońka, Founder and CEO of Art of Networking

Today, we are delighted to welcome Beata Mońka to IMPACT LEADERS with Magda Petryniak. She is the Founder and CEO of Art of Networking,...

Investment in Poland at a crossroads

On May 8, during the 16th European Economic Congress, during the session ‘Investments in Poland through the eyes of business. Regression and hopes,’ the...

Polish high earners’ fortunes fluctuate

The number of people earning over PLN 10,000 (2,300 euros) gross per month increased to 1.5 million in Poland in 2022, according to a...

SOFTSWISS hopens new office in Poznan

International IT company SOFTSWISS is expanding its operations in Poland by opening a new office in Poznan.

The international SOFTSWISS Group has officially opened the doors of its new office in Poznan. It was in the city that SOFTSWISS first began its journey three years ago with its main partner on the Polish market, Merkeleon P. Over the past three years, SOFTSWISS has experienced very dynamic growth, doubling its workforce and thus its office space. The SOFTSWISS Group actively creates new jobs by recruiting specialists in various fields and areas. 

Over several years of strengthening its position on the local market and in the IT sector, the SOFTSWISS team has become one of the most dominant players on the Polish labor market. This was recognized at the 2022 SIGMA Europe awards, where SOFTSWISS was recognized as the best workplace in the “Workplace of the Year” category.

In 2023, the Polish SOFTSWISS team grew 98% year-on-year,increasing the team in Poland to 450 employees.

Erol Dzhelik
Erol Dzhelik
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