Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Polish business to spend more on digital transformation

Polish companies plan to significantly increase expenditure on new technologies. More than half of large and medium-sized enterprises in the financial, commercial, logistics and...

The Future of Biogas and Biomethane in Poland’s Energy Transition

Welcome to another episode of Poland Weekly! Today, we're exploring a pivotal topic for our future: the energy transition. This challenge is essential for...

Migration in Poland: Economic Impact vs. Public Perception

The actual scale of migration and its impact on the economy can often be quite different from how citizens perceive these phenomena. In 2024, approximately...

Jazz in the Old Town

The Old Town square in Warsaw once again became the concert heart of the capital. The jubilee 30th edition of the Jazz in the...

Surrealism outdoor

This year’s edition of the outdoor cinema at the National Museum in Warsaw is a journey through the film surrealism featuring works of various...

ORLEN’s H2 Academy

Last year ORLEN Group launched H2 Academy, the first Polish education programme for hydrogen specialists in various industries, like manufacturing, aviation, shipping and transportation. So far two courses have been organised with a few dozen lecturers and experts for 60 students and graduates at several locations in Poland, like Anwill Włocławek (chemical facilities), Toyota Motor Poland, Toyota Central Europe, PESA Bydgoszcz (trains and H2 locomotive), Solaris (H2 buses) and Technology Universities in Warsaw, Gdańsk and Kraków. “At ORLEN we understand that to propel the energy transformation with renewable hydrogen we need a diverse range of skilled professionals. From technologists and engineers to lawyers and strategists, we are seeking individuals with a variety of expertise to drive the future of sustainable energy” said Grzegorz Jóźwiak, Hydrogen and Synthetic Fuels Director.

Marek Gizmajer
Marek Gizmajer
High-tech journalist