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Poles undergo an accelerated course in investing

Almost 40% of Poles under the age of 45 have some experience with investing, according to the results of the Investment Competence Index survey conducted by the Ipsos research company on behalf of the Port investment platform.

The Investment Competence Index survey project is an initiative to check how Poles perceive the field of investment and whether they find themselves in it. The main idea of the Index is to educate and raise the financial awareness of the public. The index is intended to be a starting point for further evaluation of the development of our financial knowledge in the future. Launched in the Czech Republic in 2021, this year the index was for the first time examined for Poland on the initiative of the investment platform Port.

While the index for Poland was 100.0, the Czechs scored 137.8 and the Slovaks 107.4. We scored best on questions related to inflation, the relationship between risk and reward, and the distinction between investing and saving.

As the Index data show, the democratization of investments is a reality, at least among Poles under 45. Among this group, almost 40 percent claim to have some investment experience. Among adult respondents under the age of 25, the figure is almost one in four. Millennials, i.e. respondents between the ages of 36 and 45, have the most experience with investing.

According to Mikolaj Raczynski, CEO of Port of Poland and Chief Investment Officer of the platform, the fact that Poles are starting to gain experience with investing at such a young age bodes well for the future. “Young people are being encouraged to invest by a combination of two factors: the widespread availability of convenient online platforms that allow them to invest from very small amounts, and inflationary pressures that have led them to seek protection for spare funds outside the classic products offered by banks,” – said Raczyński.

Erol Dzhelik
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