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33. Mozart Festival

Since 1991 the Warsaw Chamber Opera has been organizing the annual celebration of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s oeuvre. This year’s edition will last until June...

Polish Space Missions

In 1994 Poland as the first Central-European Country signed the co-operation agreement with the European Space Agency (ESA) and in 2014 the Polish Space...

Senior Care Sector at a pivotal moment

Poland Weekly talked with Aleksandra Jach, attorney – at – law, Structure Drwal Jach Komorowska Moj sp.k., expert at KIDO (the Polish Chamber of Long...

Where eco-wolves roar

The Warsaw leg of the Wolves Summit CEE took place on May 8-9. The start-ups that offered the best technological solutions were awarded at...

IMPACT LEADERS: Dinesh Musalekar, President and CEO of the Lumel; Global CEO of Rishabh Group

Today, we are delighted to welcome Dinesh Musalekar to IMPACT LEADERS with Magda Petryniak.Dinesh Musalekar is the President and CEO of the Lumel...

Countdown to Poland’s longest tunnel

An infrastructure investment worth 1.9 billion zlotys will shorten train times to and from Krakow. The 3.8 km tunnel will be operational in 2026.

PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe has signed an agreement with a Budimex and Gülermak consortium for the construction of Poland’s longest tunnel, 3.8 km along the 104 Chabówka – Nowy Sącz railway line. The value of the investment to be made in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, where Kraków is located, is 1.9 billion zlotys (about 450 million euros). The financing of the project will be provided by the National Reconstruction Plan, with EU funds used to support economic recovery after the pandemic. The project is expected to be completed in 31 months. The tunnel will be opened to trains in 2026, and the railways will shorten the travel time to Krakow and Zakopane, one of Poland’s most famous tourist centers. When the construction is completed, passenger trains will be able to reach 160 km/h, and freight trains will be able to reach 100 km/h. Krakow-Zakopane transportation will be shortened by 1 hour.

Construction along the fourth section will enable modernization of the Podłęże – Piekiełko project and offer passengers a safe and more comfortable travel experience. Following the investment, 12.5 km of railway will be modernized, new stops in Mordarka and Chomranice will be built, stops will be improved for passengers with limited mobility, and cooperation will be made with local governments along the route. In addition, modernization works will include 10 viaducts and 12 bridges. The entire project is expected to be completed by 2029.

“Today, we are at a very important moment for the functioning of Polish infrastructure, an important part of which is the development of railway lines and connections. This will be a revolution for connections between Krakow and Nowy Sącz. This investment is part of a larger project that will not only shorten travel times and make these connections efficient, but will significantly increase the room for manoeuvring for carriers and agglomeration traffic, so that it will finally be possible to get from Krakow to Nowy Sącz and from Nowy Sącz to Krakow in 60 minutes. This is great news for everyone who wants to travel between these two cities and see their chance in rail transport. The longest tunnel in Poland will be built here, not only for railways, but also for roads. We have a historic investment ahead of us. I am waiting with great hope for the launch and completion of this project, because it will be an example for investments throughout the country,” said Minister of Infrastructure Dariusz Klimczak.

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