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75 is the new 65

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Baltic Offshore Service Solution plans expansion

Baltic Offshore Service Solution is the name of the service company established by partners developing the Baltic Power offshore wind farm.

The service company was established by Energa Wytwarzanie (from the Orlen group) and the Canadian Northland Power, which is a minority partner of Baltic Power with a capacity of 1.2 GW. Baltic Offshore Service Solution will provide specialized maintenance services for the offshore wind energy sector. It will also be responsible for launching the Offshore Wind Farm Management Center planned by Orlen. This center will operate 24 hours a day, controlling, monitoring and coordinating the operation of offshore wind farms.

“Offshore wind energy is an opportunity for profound changes in our electricity system, but also for the construction of new branches of the economy. We want to take advantage of business opportunities emerging at the stage of preparation and operation of subsequent wind farms,” said Jarosław Dybowski, executive director for energy at Orlen, quoted in the company’s statement.

The service company wants to use the 15 years of experience of Energa Wytwarzanie, which deals with the maintenance of onshore renewable energy assets (it has six wind farms with a total capacity of approximately 244 MW). At the same time, it will also draw on the know-how of Northland Power, which has shares in onshore and offshore generation sources with a total capacity of 3.4 GW. The first electricity from the Baltic Power wind farm built jointly on the Polish sea will flow in 2026. However, Orlen plans further investments, to be implemented by Orlen Neptun, the owner of five licenses granted last year for locating offshore farms.

Jo Harper
Jo Harper
Jo Harper is a British national with a 20-year freelance journalistic career in Poland, Germany and the UK, writing for Deutsche Welle, Politico, the BBC, the Daily Mirror, Gazeta Wyborcza, Polityka, New Eastern Europe and Forbes. He is a published author of books on Polish affairs and holds a PhD from the London School of Economics.