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ESG impact on the M&A market

Sylwia Ziemacka talks to Dr Fabian Elzanowski, an attorney with over 12 years of experience in M&A and corporate law and a founding Partner...

Asia’s Poland meets Europe’s Korea

Poland and Korea were both ruled by foreign powers at the start of the 20th century, Poland partitioned between Austria, Germany and Russia, and...

Terra Electrorecycling plant now operational

Terra Electrorecycling, part of the Elemental Group, has opened a modern e-waste processing plants in Poland in Grodzisk Mazowiecki. The new installation will enable...

The Transformative Power of EdTech

In this enlightening video, we delve into the critical role of digital transformation in reshaping education systems globally. With education facing numerous challenges, the...

75 is the new 65

Age no longer bothers companies Every fifth employer (22%) plans to employ seniors, according to a study by the Progres Group. This number may increase...

Polish surrealism

The new temporary exhibition at the National Museum in Warsaw gives a comprehensive insight into surrealist trends in Polish art of the 20th century, resigning from the general understanding of surrealism as a historical movement confined within a specific time frame, and expanding it to a global and diverse phenomenon instead. Viewers will be able to see works from the interwar period followed by art pieces connected to the international movement “Phases” established in the 1950s, which will be juxtaposed with works by contemporary artists. The exhibition will feature works from the museum’s own collection and pieces loaned from other Polish and international institutions such as the National Museum in Wrocław, the Museum of Art in Łódź, the National Museum in Kraków, the Museum of Photography in Kraków, the Tatra Museum in Zakopane, Paris’s Centre Georges Pompidou, mumok – Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien in Vienna and private collections. “Surrealism. Other Myths” will be open from May 10 until August 11.

Jółef Czapski, Train de banlieue, 1967

Memento Vitae

The temporary exhibition at the National Museum in Kraków – “Memento Vitae” is the first presentation of the entire museum’s collection of paintings of Józef Czapski – Polish painter, writer, essayist, critic, and an officer of the Polish Army. Forced to live and create in exile, as an artist he followed the aesthetics of the Kapists. He was also a co-founder of the Parisian “Culture”. The exhibition is open until August 4.

Monstrous Wonders

An extraordinary experience for nature admirers in four Polish cities. The exhibition of carnivorous plants features the most bloodthirsty specimen from around the world, creating one of a kind, ravenous jungle. They’re beautiful, colorful and have a seductive smell. Some can eat mice or even small birds – each and every one of them has its own favorite menu, which can be examined live during the feeding shows. The exhibition is complemented by the workshops and lectures as well as the plant fairs. 

Gdańsk – April 6 -7 Warsaw – April 13-14 Wrocław – April 20-21 Łódź – October 12-13

Empty nets

Mastercard OFF CAMERA 
The 17th edition of the Mastercard OFF CAMERA International Festival of Independent Cinema will take place in Kraków between April 26 and May 5. The festival’s screenings will be divided into the main competition section – “Making Way”, the “Polish Film Competition”, as well as the new, special themed sections – “Girl Power”, “Black Sheep”, “For a good cause” and “On the border”. The first five films competing in the main competition have been announced – the viewers will be able to watch German-Iranian “Empty Nets”, Ukrainian-Dutch “Forever-Forever”, Brazilian-French-Uruguayan “Power Alley”, Czech “She Came at Night” and Swedish-French-Norwegian “The Hypnosis”. More nominees are to be revealed at the beginning of April. For details visit:

Jutro bedzie nasze

There’s Still Tomorrow

An Italian actress and comedian Paola Cortellesi, debuts as a director with comedy drama “There’s Still Tomorrow” (“C’è ancora domani”). The film was hugely successful in Italy, where its audience outgrew even such hits as “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer”. The story about Delia (also played by Cortellesi) – a hard working housewife, whose daily efforts and sacrifices bring her only disrespect and abuse, is filled with the spirit of change, faith in women’s strength and female solidarity. It’s also a tribute to the often turbulent, yet beautiful relationships between mothers and daughters – all in the scenery of Rome recovering from the post-war crisis. In cinemas on May 24.

Think Different
A must-see for all Apple culture lovers. The Apple Museum Poland at Fabryka Norblina in Warsaw is the biggest brand’s collection in the world. With its 1.700 exhibits and interactive narrative, the use of scenography, play of lights, animation, sound, mapping and infographics, gives viewers the opportunity to interact with the objects and take a closer look at the evolution of the brand. The collection includes not only Apple computers, Macintosh and NeXT computers, but also software, hardware, peripherals, prototypes, multimedia and all promotional and information forms from the company’s history. The highlight of the museum’s collection is a working replica of the first Apple-1 computer from 1976, which was designed and made by the owner of the museum and signed by Steve Wozniak himself. The displayed exhibits are constantly rotating – to check which ones are currently available for the audience go to:

Waglewski Unplugged

Wojciech Waglewski will play a concert in the coming, 16th edition of MTV Unplugged. One of the most versatile figures of the Polish music scene, a guitarist, composer, author and music producer, creator of the artistic concept of the festival Męskie Granie and most importantly – the founder and leader of the legendary Voo Voo band, which since 1985 not only defined the sound of Polish rock, but also expanded genre boundaries, creating diverse and extraordinary compositions. The artist’s performance “without electricity” will take place in Warsaw at Dramatyczny Theater on April 10.

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