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Jazz in the Old Town

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Surrealism outdoor

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Where eco-wolves roar

The Warsaw leg of the Wolves Summit CEE took place on May 8-9. The start-ups that offered the best technological solutions were awarded at the Great Pitch Contest event, where Saventic, Proofminder, and FleetFox took the top three prizes.

The Wolves Summit, which started in Warsaw in 2015, continues its integrated deal flow creation and startup scaling activities on a global scale for investors and technology companies. The event took place with the participation of technology companies, experts, investors and startups. One particularly attractive event was the Great Pitch Contest, in which the best startups were awarded. Among the startups that offered the best technological solutions, Saventic ranked first, followed by Proofminder and FleetFox.

Saventic is a medical technology company that offers doctors an artificial intelligence-supported algorithm for diagnozing rare diseases based on medical records such as laboratory test results and radiographs. This shortens the time and reduces the cost of diagnosing rare diseases. The startup offers two platforms to help diagnose the disease. The Saventic Med Platform is offered to medical clinics and doctors, and the Saventic Care Platform is offered to patients. Saventic brings together teams of experts in medicine and information technologies. It is present in Poland, Germany, the USA, Canada and Brazil.

Proofminder is a leaf-level farming platform. It creates an AI-based image ecosystem for farmers to have more efficient, healthy harvests and achieve sustainable production goals. Image data is provided by drones customized for the sector. Proofminder provides farmers with reports that contain 99% accurate information about every plant in 1,000+ hectares of field. Putting the reports into practice at the right time reduces the amount of chemicals by 80%. It also provides them with a 2-5% return on investment per hectare.

FleetFox is an online access maintenance platform for shared mobility companies. The company specializes in category B fleets, providing vehicle washing, relocating, light maintenance to damage inspection services. It offers both on-site and transfer services and supports the optimization of mobility fleet performance, reducing operational costs and increasing overall efficiency. It currently operates in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany and Belgium and aims to expand into new areas of operation.

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