Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Polish business to spend more on digital transformation

Polish companies plan to significantly increase expenditure on new technologies. More than half of large and medium-sized enterprises in the financial, commercial, logistics and...

The Future of Biogas and Biomethane in Poland’s Energy Transition

Welcome to another episode of Poland Weekly! Today, we're exploring a pivotal topic for our future: the energy transition. This challenge is essential for...

Migration in Poland: Economic Impact vs. Public Perception

The actual scale of migration and its impact on the economy can often be quite different from how citizens perceive these phenomena. In 2024, approximately...

Jazz in the Old Town

The Old Town square in Warsaw once again became the concert heart of the capital. The jubilee 30th edition of the Jazz in the...

Surrealism outdoor

This year’s edition of the outdoor cinema at the National Museum in Warsaw is a journey through the film surrealism featuring works of various...

Poland’s secret sauce – an American innovator’s perspective

In the latest episode of StartUP with Poland, Tessa McIver hosts a captivating discussion with David Putts, a prominent figure in Poland’s innovation ecosystem.

David’s journey is particularly intriguing due to his extensive background in major financial institutions like PZU, Barclays Bank, and HSBC, alongside his involvement in startups, including his latest venture, One Step Financial.

During the interview, Tessa explores David’s diverse professional history and his decision to choose Warsaw as his home, probing into what he believes is the “secret sauce” of the city. David shares insights about One Step Financial, explaining the genesis of his company and its solutions. The conversation also delves into his motivations for embracing the challenges of entrepreneurship over the security of corporate life, his perspective on the current state of Poland’s startup ecosystem, and his future aspirations for both his company and himself personally.

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