Sunday, November 27, 2022

Portugal and Poland – a growing friendship

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EC lowered its forecast for Poland’s GDP

On Friday 11 November, the European Commission lowered its forecast for Poland's GDP growth in 2022 from 5.2% to 4.0%, and in 2023 from...


Xisha is a Belarusian artist and a political refugee living in Warsaw. Graduated from The Belarusian Academy of Arts in Minsk in 1996, she’s...

Climate technology investment in CEE on the up

The Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region accounts for 3.73% of all greenhouse gas emissions, but attracts only 0.79% of global investment in climate...

Polish cities encouraged to take part in the LeadAir program for climate neutrality

Recruitment for the third edition of the LeadAir program, organized by Forum Energii, started in January. Its aim is to support local governments in achieving climate neutrality through individual, long-term consultancy of experts , exchange of knowledge and experience and proposing practical solutions tailored to the specificity and needs of a given city. Fifteen cities will be selected that will receive free substantive support in the areas of heating, energy, transport, management and communication.

Data from the European Environment Agency show that approximately 90% of EU urban dwellers are exposed to ozone, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter (PM) pollution in concentrations that may endanger human health. Air pollution is our common problem to solve, the Forum Energii, a European interdisciplinary think tank from Poland, says. Polish cities occupy the infamous top positions in air pollution rankings. Moreover, Polish cities face increasing numbers of ambitious challenges related to achieving climate neutrality.

Cities play a critical role in achieving the goal of climate neutrality. That is why Forum Energii offers for the third time support for municipalities in the fight for clean air and climate neutrality – through the LeadAir program.

The third edition of the project, like the previous ones, consists of a series of training sessions and webinars, but above all, individual meetings with specialists ready to work with cities on solving problems in specific areas. The program will last 6 months, but after its completion, cities will have permanent access to specialist training and experts. All cities, regardless of their size, represented by 2-person self-government teams, can participate in the LeadAir program.

“LeadAir is a unique initiative that allows city managers to face the challenges of air pollution and develop solutions in a group of experienced experts who perfectly understand the subject of climate neutrality in Europe,” says Lidia Kołucka, vice president of Forum Energii. “We help cities to best adapt to the obligations arising from European regulations in this area, but also to co-create the rules for its implementation. Participation in our program also gives the opportunity to join the group of ambitious cities – leaders of changes for climate neutrality,” she adds.

LeadAir is a program organized by Forum Energii, the aim of which is to support local governments in achieving climate neutrality, in line with the European Commission directive. As part of the program, cities have access to knowledge on climate neutrality through open webinars, workshops, a website and a Facebook profile. In previous editions of the LeadAir program, Forum Energii cooperated with 30 cities, implementing 30 individual consulting processes, 90 hours of workshops and training sessions and 12 webinars, publication of original analyses, including the “Guide for local governments on how to finance measures to improve air quality and achieve climate and energy goals” and cooperating with 75 experts.