Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Anna Petrov



How to spend Valentine’s Day in Warsaw?

Are you looking for inspiration to celebrate this year's Valentine's Day. Here is some selection of ideas on the romantic time together in Warsaw.Celebrate...

Preliminary census results show small dip in Polish population

According to the preliminary results of the National Population and Housing Census 2021, the population of Poland was 38,179.800, down 0.9% compared to the...

WOŚP: Poland’s annual charity event hits 30

The 30th anniversary of Poland’s biggest charity fund-raiser took place on January 30, with 1,633 staff and nearly 120,000 volunteers collecting money throughout Poland...

Culture bite – weekend in Poznań

Are you visiting Poznań this weekend or you live in the capital of Wielkopolska voivodeship and you are wondering what to do over the...

Polish cities encouraged to take part in the LeadAir program for climate neutrality

Recruitment for the third edition of the LeadAir program, organized by Forum Energii, started in January. Its aim is to support local governments in...

Polish labor market reversing mono-cultural trends

Poland is becoming a multicultural society, a phenomenon especially visible in larger cities. In 2020 alone, 3.16 million immigrants legally entered Poland with a work and residence permit, according to Eurostat data.

Poles’ shift to e-vehicles gains traction

97% of drivers of such vehicles in Poland are satisfied and they do not intend to return to internal combustion motorization.