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Which Polish companies are interested in Ukraine?

Polish companies from, among others, the mining and transport sectors are interested in investing in Ukraine, said Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy Jadwiga Emilewicz. “In the coming weeks we hope to present their offers during visits to western Ukraine and Kyiv,” she added.

As Emilewicz pointed out, some of the companies interested in investing in Ukraine are already active on the Ukrainian market, while others are only considering this step.

Among those interested in new ventures are entrepreneurs who were doing research on Ukrainian deposits even before the war. “Among those interested in new ventures are, for example, entrepreneurs from the mining sector – who did research on Ukrainian deposits even before the war – and would be interested in implementing a project such as a coking coal mine, which is a raw material permitted in the EU because it is necessary for steel production,” said the deputy head of the MFiPR, the government plenipotentiary for Polish-Ukrainian cooperation.

The deputy minister also pointed to general contractors specializing in the execution and supervision of public transport projects in cities. “This refers, for example, to tram lines,” she added.

A series of consultations with Polish entrepreneurs who have expressed an interest in entering the Ukrainian market has recently concluded. “In the coming weeks of September, I am planning another visit to western Ukraine and Kyiv, where companies from these sectors will accompany me,” Emilewicz announced. She explained that the Lviv authorities are preparing to announce a project to modernize the tramways. “I hope that we will be able to present one of these companies and show them how ready they are to implement this type of project,” she stated.

Emilewicz pointed out that a series of consultations with Polish entrepreneurs who had expressed interest in entering the Ukrainian market had recently ended. “We organized meetings in Poznań, Kraków, Katowice and Warsaw. About a dozen companies participated in each of them. I was accompanied by representatives of KUKE, BGK, PAIH and PARP,” she pointed out.

As she added, during the workshops, among other things, an insurance offer was presented, which will soon be addressed to Polish investors.

Emilewicz also reported on preparations for the participation of Polish companies in projects related to financial instruments prepared by the European Commission as part of its participation in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. “We are preparing for an EC workshop dedicated to this issue, so that from next year – because probably the first European competitions will start in 2024. – we will be ready to participate in these projects,” she said.

“The one who wins in the end will be the one who will have the projects ready when the real orders in Ukraine are already pouring in,” Emilewicz said.

Currently, there are about 660 Polish companies operating in Ukraine, which continue their activities despite the outbreak of war. The Polish Investment and Trade Agency has been approached by more than 2,500 Polish companies interested in operating on the Ukrainian market, representing, among others, the construction, energy, agricultural and food, pharmaceutical and IT industries.

source: PAP