Skiing in Poland

Skiing in Poland, Kasprowy Wierch
Skiing in Poland, Kasprowy Wierch

Poland has a lot to offer to ski lovers and surprisingly not only in the mountains. It has 504 kilometres of ski slopes and its resorts are served by 704 ski lifts. One of the largest ski resorts in Poland is the Szczyrk Mountain Resort and the highest is Kasprowy Wierch in Zakopane. There are also smaller ski resorts with great winter infrastructure, like Szwajcaria Bałtowska in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains.

Those who want just to taste a little bit of the winter sports scene but prefer other winter attractions also have a great choice. Skiing in Sopot combined with walks along the beautiful Baltic beaches, skiing in Mazury surrounded by the great Polish lakes or skiing in Kazimierz Dolny, a charming town on the Vistula River seem like a good choice for those who like to stay active in the winter, but not necessary on the slopes.

Szczyrk Mountain Resort

credit: Szczyrk Mountain Resort

Szczyrk Mountain Resort is one of the largest ski resorts in Poland. Situated in the Beskid Śląski mountain range, on the slopes of Małe Skrzyczne (1,211 m) and Wierch Pośredni (1,000 m).

Szczyrk is popular and well-known for its excellent climatic conditions both in summer and winter. Sheltered from the winds and exposed to the sun it offers excellent snow conditions. It is the starting point of numerous nature trails and cycling routes. It also has the largest number of ski lifts and ski runs in Poland: 27 ski lifts (2 chair lifts, 25 surface lifts) that offer skiers an impressive 702 metres (2,304 feet) of vertical descent. Szczyrk has 27 pistes covering 40 km. For those who prefer cross-country skiing there are six routes with a combined distance of just under 40km.

The Kotelnica Białaczańska Ski Resort

credit: Kotelnica Białaczańska Ski Resort

The Kotelnica Białaczańska Ski Resort is the largest ski station in the Podhale region, close to Zakopane. Kotelnica has a great location, in the very heart of Białka Tatrzańska. It is an excellent choice both for those who have only started learning to ski or snowboard, as well as for the advanced enthusiasts of these sports.

The resort has 14 kilometers of slopes with varied difficulty levels, from the gently inclined slopes to pistes accredited by the International Ski Federation (FIS). Cross-country skiers will also find something for themselves here, since there are several kilometers of cross-country trails prepared for them. The resort’s facilities include a ski school, ski and snowboard rentals as well as services for ski and snowboard equipment. You will also feel the highlander climate while visiting one of several regional inns.

The Zieleniec Ski Arena

credit: Zieleniec Ski Arena

The Zieleniec Ski Arena is one of the best and the largest ski resorts in Poland, with its origins dating back to the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Today Zieleniec is visited not only by fans of skiing from all over Poland, but also by visitors from neighbouring countries such as the Czech Republic and Germany, and the resort itself is regularly awarded in various plebiscites and contests.

It is situated between the peaks of the Orlickie and Bystrzyckie mountains and lies at an altitude of 800-960 meters. One of the most important advantages of Zieleniec in comparison with other ski resorts in Poland is its specific microclimate similar to the Alpine climate. Its uniqueness is related to the air pressure system, which is exceptional in the region, due to which the human body produces an increased number of red blood cells.

Sudety Lift

Credit: Ski Arena Szrenica

Ski Arena Szrenica is the largest ski resort in the Polish Karkonosze Mountains, offering 12 km of high-altitude slopes. The station is located in Szklarska Poręba, located in the Lower Silesia Province, on the border of the Izera Mountains and the Karkonosze Mountains, and is the largest and oldest climatic center in the region. The climatic conditions are similar to those in Alpine resorts located 400 to 500 meters higher.

All 6 ski runs in Ski Arena Szrenica are located on the slopes of Szrenica (1,363 m above sea level), near the Czech-Polish border. From the lower parking lot, you get to the top using a system of two two-person chairlifts with a total length of 2,758 meters. However, the main transport object in the resort is a 6-seater sofa with a height of 508 m. It serves the red and blue Lolobrygida route, 3,940 m long, and the red and blue ski slopes of Śnieżynka and Puchatek, both 3,550 m long.
An attraction for more experienced skiers is the black FIS run with an average gradient of 26%.

Jaworzyna Krynicka

Credit: Jaworzyna Krynicka

Jaworzyna Krynicka is a ski station located in the south-eastern part of Małopolska in Beskid Sądecki, next to Krynica Zdrój. The biggest advantage of this resort is a modern 6-seater gondola lift leading to the very top of Jaworzyna Krynicka (1,114m). The railway is 2,211 m long. In addition to the gondola, skiers can also be transported to the top by two 4-person sofas and six drag lifts.

Kasprowy Wierch

Credit: Zakopane – Kasprowy Wierch

Kasprowy Wierch is one of the most recognizable mountains in the Tatras and in Poland. The peak, located on the border of the High and Western Tatras, boasts views of unforgettable scenery that can be enjoyed endlessly. For skiing and snowboarding are 15 km of slopes. Four lifts transport the guests. The winter sports area is situated between elevations of 1,014 and 1,987 m.

There are two spacious, wide and beautiful ski runs on Kasprowy Wierch – Gasienicowa and Goryczkowa. Both routes begin with a fairly steep slope (the beginning of the Gasienicowa is steeper), but their further course is slightly milder. The most difficult sections of the route are rated as very difficult (black runs) in bad snow conditions (ice, mud) or difficult (red runs) in good snow conditions.

Szwajcaria Bałtowska

Credit: Szrajcaria Bałtowska

Szwajcaria Bałtowska, is located in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. It has 5 ski routes with a total length of 2,500 meters, wide descents – safe for small and lovers of the white madness. A 4-seater chairlifts can carry around 2,400 people per hour, while two modern T-bar lifts can carry 1,500 people per hour. For the needs of the ski school and all those taking their first steps on skis, there is a 100-meter lift. There is a SNOWPARK available for adrenaline enthusiasts. Apart from skiing opportunities, there are lots of other winter attractions for the family.

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