Thursday, April 18, 2024

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Store concept in Polish

Each of us lives in some kind of bubble. In an environment built in part from crumbled cookies, in part out of our activity on SoMe channels and largely due to our habits. This bubble sometimes hurts, often limits, but it is familiar – known and predictable, it creates a sense of security. 

Today, you can look at the world through the prism of brands in a similar way. Increasingly, they decide to go far beyond the product, offering their customers much more. Today, brands build worlds around them. A favorite sports brand not only sells comfortable sneakers, but also organizes marathons, publishes sports photography albums, cares for our nutrition, shows us exemplary attitudes by investing in ambassadors. Great, but what if we want something more?

The solution is the concept store idea. By definition, it is a place that combines tasteful aesthetics, fashion, design and even social attitudes. A place that is not only an inspiration, but also a solution to our shopping needs. What to wear, how to decorate the house, to look after our beauty with cosmetics – in short, how to be in trends, and even – how to set them!

The owners and authors of such places never stop trying to find new, interesting and quality products. Let’s take a look at those that build their concepts based on Polish brands. And let’s take a look at Polish brands that sell in concept stores all over the world.

Lui Store 

Each item was personally selected by the owner, who gained her experience in prestigious fashion houses – Dior in Paris and Marchesa in New York. After years of importing brands from around the world, Luiza Kubis finally founded her own – Monday Artwork. Clothes combining classics with fashion nonchalance are the perfect base for building your own style. Especially in business!


The most famous Polish concept store dedicated to fragrances. The owners have been importing niche perfumes and cosmetics from all over the world for 20 years. Galilu is a cult place that has recently been promoting a Polish brand producing candles – Camdunia. Its story is a concept in itself. This is a variation on one of the most famous elements of the Polish culinary tradition – a rose bud colliding with the smell of a big city – Warsaw. Each candle introduces an atmosphere of warmth and tradition into the home, it is also a memory from the capital of Poland that can be sent out into the world.


Kyosk is a concept store promoting collections designed in Poland by Berenika Czarnota. The brand offers soft, fluffy sweaters – all made entirely by hand by Polish craftsmen. Some of the models take days to complete. This makes the brand’s products unique and very special, and their high quality guarantees that they will serve for years.

Roma Concept Store is a multibrand based 100% on Polish brands. Apart from clothes and accessories, it also sells great jewelry. The Mokave brand is a collection built on the premise that everything fits together. We can mix gold with silver, and minimalist forms with more boho design. It is jewelry for experimenting and fun – especially since the prices are very affordable.

bébé concept

Its founders guarantee that from the sea of options and offers they personally chose only those that they can honestly recommend. Home things, clothes for mothers and babies – all of them are products of the highest quality, natural and certified. The founders, Marta I Olga, sell only products manufactured in the spirit of sustainable development, combining functionality and beauty. Things for years that will successfully find a “second life” in the next owners or future generations.

Marta Kalinowska
Marta Kalinowska
She taught fashion to students at the Academy of Fine Arts, but she wrote her first textbook about the principles of corporate dress code. In the magazine, Elle was the head of the Fashion Department, today she co-runs the boutique Hartwig agency. He works for brands from the fashion, beauty and life style industries. It works by combining extremes and contrasts - both when coming up with events, as well as advertising and image campaigns. Each project starts from the visual side, the reality is perceived by trends and colors.