Monday, February 6, 2023

Learning to deal with labor market uncertainty

Sylwia Ziemacka talked to Cezary Maciołek, President of the Progres Group.The labor market seems to be doing quite well considering the current unemployment rates,...

Revolution in the drug discovery process in the biotechnology market

Sylwia Ziemacka talks to Janusz Homa, CEO & Co-Founder of Ardigen S.A.What is Ardigen’s profile? What exactly do you do?A significant problem in modern...

Securing a good life, with a little help

Poland Weekly talked to Anna Suwalska MD, PhD, a Sense Med Concept expert, about her New Year’s resolution, life in harmony and a holistic...

Startups in Poland

Only 7 per cent of start-ups at the time of the survey felt a decline in foreign investors' interest in the Polish market. A...

Three Seas Region right on track

Almost 4,500 km of High Speed Railway lines are planned for the Three Seas Region. The first sections should be launched as early as...

CocoWick candles

Vegan, ecological, handmade soy candles from Wrocław. The founders have enclosed the beauty of a unique design in a coconut shell that will introduce a completely new atmosphere to your interior. The “Love” candle is for people looking for relaxation after a hard day’s work. The “Peace” soy candle with the scent of lavender and rosemary is perfect for an evening chillout. Sensual “Desire” –  liquid gold, the smell of chocolate and coffee – is a combination that will provide everyone with an unforgettable, sensual experience. The “Careless” soy candle, with a delicate scent of cotton and a deep scent of vanilla, will make carefree moments come back for longer. Experience the real pleasure of the senses with the “Delight” soy candle with a  refreshing scent of eucalyptus and papaya.

Sylwia Ziemacka
Sylwia Ziemacka
Managing DirectorShe has over 15 years of experience in media, communication and public relations. She used to work for several publishers, managing both Polish and international media projects. She specializes in B2B communication and publishing.