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33. Mozart Festival

Since 1991 the Warsaw Chamber Opera has been organizing the annual celebration of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s oeuvre. This year’s edition will last until June...

Polish Space Missions

In 1994 Poland as the first Central-European Country signed the co-operation agreement with the European Space Agency (ESA) and in 2014 the Polish Space...

Senior Care Sector at a pivotal moment

Poland Weekly talked with Aleksandra Jach, attorney – at – law, Structure Drwal Jach Komorowska Moj sp.k., expert at KIDO (the Polish Chamber of Long...

Where eco-wolves roar

The Warsaw leg of the Wolves Summit CEE took place on May 8-9. The start-ups that offered the best technological solutions were awarded at...

IMPACT LEADERS: Dinesh Musalekar, President and CEO of the Lumel; Global CEO of Rishabh Group

Today, we are delighted to welcome Dinesh Musalekar to IMPACT LEADERS with Magda Petryniak.Dinesh Musalekar is the President and CEO of the Lumel...

Poland in top five for property investors in Europe

Among the European countries where investors expect the highest returns on real estate, Poland ranks fifth, according to the CBRE report “European Investor Intentions Survey 2023.”

The more difficult economic situation on European markets is not a downer for everyone. Half of real estate investors expect their buying and selling activity to increase in 2023 or remain at the same level as in 2022, according to the CBRE report “European Investor Intentions Survey 2023.”

Among the European countries where investors expect the highest returns on real estate, Poland ranks fifth. Warsaw ranked ninth among European cities, ahead of Prague and Stockholm. The most desirable destination for investors in Europe is the UK, which overtook Germany.

“Despite the worse economic conditions we are currently experiencing, we see a significant interest in investing in real estate in Europe among investment funds. More than half of them view their buying and selling activity positively in 2023, and three quarters predict that real estate investments will remain resilient to the slowdown. The number of investors who prefer opportunistic and value-added strategies is greater than in previous years. The most popular sector in Europe remains office, especially top-class ones, and apartments for rent. Many investors watch the market closely, looking for opportunities resulting from, among others, from an an increase in capitalization rates,” said Przemysław Łachmaniuk, director in the capital markets department at CBRE

Poland among the best

The top four, apart from the UK, included Germany, France and Spain. On the other hand, Poland managed to overtake the Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Ireland and Portugal. Italy was just outside the top ten. The largest jump since the previous edition of the report was made by Spain, three places higher.

Warsaw in the top ten

In the case of European capitals, the cities of Southern Europe gained the greatest increase in investor interest. Madrid, Lisbon and Barcelona made it into the top 10, finishing fifth and tied for sixth, respectively. In the top four, apart from the leading London, there were also Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin. Warsaw took ninth place, just behind Copenhagen, eighth on the list, and ahead of Frankfurt, Stockholm or Prague.

“The real estate market in Europe is still in the process of finding balance in the new reality. Therefore, the main challenges for 2023 listed by investors include the mismatch in price expectations of buyers and sellers, rising financing costs and more restrictive lending conditions, and fears of a recession. Nevertheless, most of them plan to remain active on the real estate market,” added Łachmaniuk.

Sylwia Ziemacka
Sylwia Ziemacka
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