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For the benefit of both the environment and our residents

Anna Wojciechowska, Head of ESG, Sales and Marketing Director at ROBYG in Gdańsk and Poznań

Acting in a sustainable and responsible manner at ROBYG, we have been designing and creating integrated living spaces for thousands of people for many years. We were one of the first developers in Poland to publish an ESG strategy, which clearly shows our obligations in the area of ​​social, corporate governance and the environment. In view of the threatening global climate catastrophe and the alarming state of ecosystems, we at ROBYG believe that we all need to take urgent measures to reduce our impact on the environment, especially since we in the construction industry are responsible directly and indirectly for 38% of greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, our strategic goals include both activities in the field of biodiversity protection and water and energy management, with the goal of transitioning to 100% renewable energy in construction processes by 2024. Each of these areas has a significant impact on reducing emissions from our operations. The aforementrioned biodiversity – i.e. diversification of life at all leveles – is crucial to our health and development and is the basis for the survival of species. That is why it is so important to take care of flora and fauna, especially in places where the impact of the economy on the environment is the greatest, i.e. in urban agglomeations.

At ROBYG, we believe that, thanks to responsible attitudes, we can do a lot together for the benefit of both the environment and our residents.

At ROBYG, we believe that, thanks to responsible attitudes, we can do a lot together for the benefit of both the environment and our residents. That is why we create our estates in accordance with the idea of ​​15-minute cities, caring for the natural environment – with plenty of low and high greenery providing shelter to various species of animals, with birdhouses, insect houses and thoughtfully designed rain gardens and flower meadows. The aforementioned facilities support species diversity and water retention, as well as prevent the occurrence of so-called urban heat islands. We install low-emission and environmentally friendly solutions in our housing estates, including chargers for electric cars, bicycle infrastructure. We also recovering heat from ventilation, using heat exchangers such as heat pumps, LED lighting and motion sensors in common areas, as well as the SMART HOUSE by the Keemple system as standard, without additional charges for apartments.. Part of our responsible activity at ROBYG is also involvement in numerous actions educating and supporting local communities in response to their needs. This year, as part of a spring cleaning, we have already managed to clean up the area around the Jasień reservoir in Gdańsk and have joined the cleaning of Poznań organized by the Municipal Economy Department of the City Hall. On the occasion of the International Earth Day, we gave the residents of Gdańsk, Poznań, Warsaw and Wrocław growing herbs – which have a beneficial effect not only on health, but also on the natural environment – as gifts. We are planning further activities – the closest is the promotion of biodiversity through the educational campaign “ROBYG Flower Meadows – Sown for the Love of Biodiversity!” For primary school pupils and residents of the four cities where we build our estates, we have prepared educational materials and bags with mixtures of flower meadows. In May, we will encourage to sow the so-called nanołączek, i.e. meadows in pots that everyone can put on their own terrace or balcony.

Flower meadows in cities, in addition to supporting biodiversity and water retention, suppress noise, filter the air, and above all provide food and shelter for pollinating insects, without whose work we would not have many species of plants, including cultivated ones. With our campaign, we want to raise public awareness of the role of both flower meadows and pollinators in the urban environment, as well as encourage local communities to plant such biodiverse ecosystems, even on a micro scale. In addition to the positive environmental impact and obvious aesthetic value, planting flower meadows on balconies and decorating entire estates also helps integrate local residents – and our goal at ROBYG is to create spaces that are friendly to people and the environment.

Marta Wojciechowska
Marta Wojciechowska
Head of ESG, Sales and Marketing Director at ROBYG in Gdańsk and Poznań