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IMPACT LEADERS: Dinesh Musalekar, President and CEO of the Lumel; Global CEO of Rishabh Group

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Ukrainian Railways and Laude group signed an important memorandum of cooperation

During the international ‘transport logistic 2023’ fair, which took place on 8-12 May in Munich, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between Ukrainian Railways (JSC Ukrzaliznytsia) and Laude Smart Intermodal S.A., a Polish transport and logistics company. This is an important step for both countries.

The Transport Logistic fair is one of the largest events for the transport and logistics industry and its recipients. This year, the fair was attended by over 2,300 exhibitors from 67 countries. During the official opening, Volker Wissing, the Federal Minister of Transport, emphasized how important the industry is today in shaping global supply chains, as well as in economic and political relations.

The development of fast container train connections is not only a priority of transport and climate policy in the EU, but also an opportunity to reconfigure supply chains and increase their efficiency in many industries. Cooperation between JSC Ukrzaliznytsia and the Polish operator Laude Smart Intermodal S.A. will focus on three main areas: development of container transport, optimization of the use of freight wagons and their maintenance systems, as well as implementation of digital solutions to increase the quality and efficiency of jointly provided services.

This is a very important step in building a new permanent network of connections, on the one hand, allowing for the export of Ukrainian goods to global markets, and at the same time for the delivery of necessary goods to our eastern neighbor. First, the launched container trains will connect the Ukrainian terminals in Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkiv and Odessa, and then via Zamość transshipment terminals in Polish seaports – Gdynia and Gdańsk. As a second step, regular trains with Duisburg are also planned to be launched.

Transport on the Ukrainian side is organized by JSC Ukrzaliznytsia, and next from the Izov/Hrubieszów border by Laude, which commissioned an intermodal terminal in Zamość a year ago. It is the largest intermodal terminal on the border with Ukraine, which allows the handling of approx. 15,000 TEU containers per year. An additional advantage is its access to railway lines of two different standards: the one with the EU-rail gauge of 1435 mm as well as 1520 mm, which has the Ukrainian railway network, connected via the LHS, the Broad Gauge Metallurgy Line, to the Laude terminal in Zamość.

Recognizing the advantages of container transport, Laude decided to develop its own unique intermodal system several years ago, which uses innovative solutions in the field of intermodal units, railway platforms and truck tractors. Optimizing the use of the capacity of Laude containers (up to 6 tons more) and rolling stock, as well as eliminating the need to reload the goods themselves during the entire transport, especially at the border, will reduce the costs of transporting goods in relations with Ukraine.

Laude Smart Intermodal is a dynamically developing company that is part of the Laude capital group, investing in sustainable development of transport and logistics. The company was established in 2008 and specializes in the organization of cargo transport in container trains in Poland, Ukraine and European Union countries. Today, it is a leader in innovation in the transport, forwarding and logistics industry, which is confirmed by the special award received last autumn in the “Innovative Product for Logistics, Transport and Production 2022” competition awarded by Eurologistics. He is also the winner of the “Golden Hundred of Pomerania and Kujawy 2021” in the “investors” category. In Poland, the Laude group employs over 200 people.

This year, the company also received the “Made in Toruń” quality mark as an entity disseminating good business practices in its industry, operating in accordance with the principles of corporate social responsibility and offering the highest quality services. The intermodal transport service from the sender’s door to the recipient’s door is available to production, trading and distribution companies from various industries: metallurgy, chemical, agricultural and food (including grain)and many other.