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33. Mozart Festival

Since 1991 the Warsaw Chamber Opera has been organizing the annual celebration of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s oeuvre. This year’s edition will last until June...

Polish Space Missions

In 1994 Poland as the first Central-European Country signed the co-operation agreement with the European Space Agency (ESA) and in 2014 the Polish Space...

Senior Care Sector at a pivotal moment

Poland Weekly talked with Aleksandra Jach, attorney – at – law, Structure Drwal Jach Komorowska Moj sp.k., expert at KIDO (the Polish Chamber of Long...

Where eco-wolves roar

The Warsaw leg of the Wolves Summit CEE took place on May 8-9. The start-ups that offered the best technological solutions were awarded at...

IMPACT LEADERS: Dinesh Musalekar, President and CEO of the Lumel; Global CEO of Rishabh Group

Today, we are delighted to welcome Dinesh Musalekar to IMPACT LEADERS with Magda Petryniak.Dinesh Musalekar is the President and CEO of the Lumel...

BASF boosts presence in Wrocław

BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions  (ECMS) on October 17 opened a new office in the Dominikanska Center in Wrocław, from which it will serve the global precious metals and catalyst markets. 

The new office in Wroclaw follows a decision in December 2021, when BASF decided to establish an independent subsidiary – BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions – to focus on automotive catalysts, precious metals trading, recycling and related products and services.

The opening was attended by the company’s employees and bosses, as well as guests Jakub Mazur, vice mayor of Wrocław, and Martin Kremer, consul general of Germany in Wrocław.

ECMS serves customers in a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, indoor air quality, semiconductors and hydrogen management. The company also provides comprehensive precious metals trading and recycling services.

“Wrocław is an extremely attractive location for our newly established office. As a university city with nearly 110,000 students, it offers a wide range of specialists and a rich cross-section of competencies. It is also a very attractive business environment, with many global companies from the technology, manufacturing, consulting, automotive or energy sectors present in the city,” said Markus Steigner, Vice President Finance & Accounting, BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions.

“The city is located in the middle time zone in relation to our business locations around the world, which makes it an optimal choice,” Steigner added.

“This underscores that Wroclaw is the hub of an international company. Wroclaw proves once again that it creates the best conditions for business and innovation,” said Mazur.

BASF ECMS plans to employ more than 70 people in Wrocław. Recruitment is currently underway for the new team, which focuses on specialists in tax accounting, human resources, purchasing and IT, says Anna Tarasewicz, Regional Head of HR EMEA & Board Member.

BASF ECMS operates globally in 15 countries with 20 production facilities and more than 4,000 employees.

In 2014, BASF opened its most modern catalyst plant in Europe in Środa Śląska near Wrocław. The plant currently employs more than 550 people and has significantly increased its production capacity in recent years.

BASF’s operations in Poland include industrial chemicals, cosmetics, plastics, agricultural solutions, coatings and automotive catalysts. The company has more than 740 employees. BASF’s sales in Poland for 2021 amounted to €1,412 million.

The company operates in six segments: chemicals, materials, industrial solutions, surface protection technologies, nutrition and care, and agricultural solutions. In 2022, BASF’s global sales revenue was €87.3 billion.

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