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Polish Unitrailer aims to be European market leader

Polish trailer manufacturer Unitrailer has acquired 100% of Dutch company Henra Aanhangwagens and outlined plans to  become the leader of the European market within two years, aiming for a 10-13% market share.

Unitrailer Holding – Poland’s commercial trailer market leader with a gross vehicle weight of up to 3.5 tons – in February bought Henra Aanhangwagens, a Dutch firm with over 90 years of experience in the sector, manufacturing trailers with reinforced structures and deeper load compartments for the transportation of large equipment as well as horse trailers.

“Unitrailer is growing dynamically and joining the group gives us the opportunity to reach new markets, accelerating our development. Trailer sales have always been highly localized, but now customers all over Europe will have access to our high-quality products,” said Henra General Director Rutger Poldervaart.

This was Unitrailer’s first transaction outside Poland and other European companies are reportedly on its acquisition radar. It was earlier acquired by European Trailer Holdings, backed by private equity investor Vaalon Capital. 

The company manufactures trailers for transporting cars, boats, motorsport equipment, and general cargo, operating on all continents and selling mostly to small businesses or individuals.

“We’re accelerating our growth with the support of our new investor, and we have very ambitious plans for the future. Henra is known for its outstanding quality and high-end trailers, providing the perfect complement to our product range, and we intend to develop the company and its brand across Europe and around the world. This transaction is the ideal start to our ambitious plan to consolidate the market, becoming Europe’s top producer through a combination of acquisitions and organic growth,” said Unitrailer Founder and CEO Arkadiusz Marzec.

The European trailer market is fragmented and Unitrailer wants to realize its vision by making other purchases outside Europe. Unitrailer aims to triple its current consolidated sales volume of approximately EUR 100 million within two years and gain 10-13% of the market share.

“We see strong prospects for growth, thanks in particular to the growing demand for smaller trailers in Southern and Eastern Europe, where lifestyles are changing as societies grow wealthier. Bringing together treasured local brands in a larger group provides synergies, from sharing know-how and R&D to procurement. Competitive markets and customers’ rising expectations for innovative products make consolidation inevitable.” Marzec said.

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