Friday, June 14, 2024

Michał Szymański

A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics with a major in finance and banking. PhD in Economics, licensed investment advisor, CFA. He has 25 years of experience in the capital market, particularly in the area of asset management. Co-founder of the now Alior Investment Fund Company (TFI) and its President of the Board for many years; previously held positions such as Chief Investment Officer and President of the Board at Aviva Pension Fund Company. He also worked at ING Investment Management and in the portfolio management department of Creditanstalt Securities. He has held the position of CEO of VIG / C-QUADRAT TFI S.A. since May 2020, i.e. since the establishment of the company as part of the VIG and C-Quadrat capital groups.


Poland’s macroeconomic situation in the new context

Poland’s macroeconomic situation in the context of war in Ukraine should be analysed from a few perspectives.First, direct economic impact. That is in fact...