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“Children-free” hotels gain in popularity

They are a great proposition not only for seniors, couples without kids or single people, but also for parents who, like everyone else, deserve a moment of respite. In recent years, the popularity of places aimed at people over the age of 16 has been growing worldwide. There are also more of them in Poland.

A few years ago, when the first facilities dedicated to guests without children were built in Poland, there was a cry of indignation. However, with time, “children-free” hotel deals have been gaining more and more popularity. Their policy by definition excludes the presence of screaming toddlers. There will be no extra beds in the rooms, high chairs or animations for children. We can also feel completely at ease in the swimming pools and in the spa.

“People’s reactions are mainly positive about our kids-free offer,” explains Piotr Ciszek, the owner of the Nakomiady Palace in Masuria.

“Of course, there are two or three phone calls a year with claims that such restrictions are unacceptable. Sometimes guests that book a room via internet platforms, such as, or others who have not fully read the conditions of stay, cause some problems – when they arrive with the kids to our place, we have to look for a solution together. But I am optimistic – I think that with the growing wealth of the society and its aging, this type of offer will gain more clients,” Ciszek adds.

Marta Dworak, marketing director of the Quadrille Hotel in Gdynia, says he is also seeing a growing trend in travel without children.

“Something that until recently was associated negatively by many people is now gaining popularity and this in turn is changing the general perception,” Dworak says.

“We no longer meet with criticism, on the contrary – with enthusiasm or at least acceptance. From the very beginning, our hotel was a place for the conscious guest, because of the nature of its interior, peaceful atmosphere and fine dining. We found a niche, at least in Poland. We are visited by single people, couples who have no children, but also people who have already raised theirs or just want to take a break from them. In the first year of operation, we happened to host children, but we just felt that we were not a place for them. We do not have amenities for the youngest, we value silence, also in the SPA water zone or in the restaurant. The final decision was made in 2016 and we began to communicate it consistently. It is becoming more and more fashionable to care for the well-being of the couple and nurture relationships through outings just for two. And they really do not have to be distant journeys, interestingly, we are visited by many people from the Tri-City who are happy to plan such ‘escapes’ from everyday life ,” Dworak says.

“As parents of two rascals, we understand that sometimes it is good to go somewhere alone for your mental health,” says Gosia Bryl from 4rest Camp, a company offering recreational yurts located on the border of Kaszuby and Kociewie.

“At the beginning, we met with incomprehension and little hatred. When we started over three years ago, the market for children free seats was still very small. Now more and more guests appreciate this possibility and treat it as an obvious positive, although there are still situations where visiting couples try to ‘smuggle’ a little ‘un somewhere in the back of the car. However, our rule is not to make exceptions, so that everyone can take a break from children. The biggest advantage of staying with us is cutting yourself off from the daily rat race and life in the city. During holidays with children, even the most polite ones are not able to achieve absolute silence. It is extremely important to slow down sometimes and change the perspective from which we look at the world around us. It is important both for dynamic people involved in the development of their careers and for young parents,”  says Bryl.

“The way we travel is changing. Rest is more conscious and our guests care not only to spend their holidays in a unique place, but also to find relief, whether they are single, engaged or a parent. There were questions as to whether the facility had additional attractions only for adults or the most ordinary lack of understanding of the hotel’s policy towards children, but we always point out that we are part of Bukovina Resort and invite you to the second facility that is family-friendly,” sums up Justyna Buńda, director of the Harnaś hotel in Bukowina Tatrzańska.

Photo credit: Quadrille Hotel in Gdynia

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