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How beauty-tech leader FOREO took Poland by storm

Interview with Vladimir Cuturilo, General Manager FOREO Eastern Europe

How long have you been to Poland and how do you find it?

I moved to Poland 6 years ago. Although at the beginning I had to learn to like Warsaw, I believe that the city has developed wonderfully in recent times and is now one of the most dynamic European capitals. Our branch of FOREO Sweden for Eastern Europe, for which I am responsible, is also based in Warsaw.

Can you briefly introduce the FOREO brand to our readers?

The FOREO Sweden brand is a leader in the field of beauty-tech, and our signature face and oral care products are packed with the latest technologies and advanced solutions. The company is developing dynamically, therefore the business projects I manage on the Eastern European market must keep up with this development, and even be two steps ahead of it. And we have a lot to be proud of on this topic. Last year, not only with excellent sales results, we introduced new devices from our best-selling lines, but also completed the purchase of the entire building in the very center of Warsaw. I am already working on the new project of this property – it will soon undergo reconstruction to become the first Beauty Hub in Poland.

FOREO is a multinational beauty brand specializing in high-end beauty. For how long have you been present on the Polish market?

We’ve been on the Polish market for several years now. During this period of time, we have not only established our leading position among skincare devices but we’ve also managed to start the cooperation with the biggest retailers – such as Notino, Sephora and Douglas. Our products (including the LUNA™ series) have become iconic, which I’m incredibly proud of. In the Polish language, sports shoes are commonly referred to as “adidasy”, but did you know that more and more people are calling skincare devices “foreo”? This is the best business compliment I have ever received.

FOREO Sweden is known for the usage of modern technology in the field of beauty and skincare. What is the latest innovation of the company?

FOREO has actually invented the beauty-tech sector – we are the first to combine beauty with technology. We develop and search for new inventions all the time. The latest one is definitely our BEAR device, which stimulates 65 face and neck muscles offering a non-invasive facelift. BEAR not only has our patented technology of T-Sonic pulsation but also has microcurrents that help to lift and firm your face. As the first in the world BEAR has also Anti-Shock System with a unique integrated system that automatically adjusts the device’s microcurrent intensity according to your skin’s resistance to electricity, guaranteeing a shock-free treatment, maximum safety & enhanced results.

What are your plans for the nearest future?

In FOREO, we focus primarily on the constant development and listening to the needs of our clients. At the end of this year, we will introduce another amazing innovation in the world of skincare. What is more, we have recently invested in Warsaw and bought the real estate in the city center. We plan to create here the best and the largest Beauty Hub – a luxurious place that will be not only dedicated to the FOREO brand, but also to other wellness and beauty businesses.

Sylwia Ziemacka
Sylwia Ziemacka
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