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Hiring trends getting back on track

Polish IT and finance professionals are most likely to be hired by companies from the US, UK or Germany, according to the Global Hiring Report 2023 compiled by Deel. 

How did global employers fare in 2023, in which countries were employees hired from abroad, who was hired for which positions and how did the economic climate affect layoffs and wages? The Global Hiring Report 2023, compiled by experts at Deel, a global player providing technology for the recruitment sector, answers all these questions.

The big picture

Deel’s Global Hiring Report draws information from hundreds of thousands of global hiring and employment contracts concluded in 2023. Their analysis provides moderate optimism. Undoubtedly, rising wages and labor demand are pleasing. In most regions, wages have increased or remained unchanged on average over the past year. Globally, there was an overall decline in terminations (with the exception of the US). There were 52% fewer terminations globally in November 2023 compared to January 2023.

No revolution

Despite the strengthening trend of a return to the office, at the same time remote work continues to do well. Its availability goes beyond the IT industry – in addition to technical roles, the sales sector and the creative industry are also enjoying the benefits of home office mode.

“The world irreversibly changed after the pandemic. As did the world of work. Despite the fact that after a few years we are back on familiar tracks again and many companies are encouraging employees to return to the office, remote work will stay with us. For selected sectors it is like the air – without it it would be impossible to build effective teams made up of employees committed to their duties. It also allows for the development of global employment, which we at Deel are very much rooting for,” says Liina Laas, director of expansion in Central and Eastern Europe at Deel.

Poland in the world

In 2023, Poland ranked tenth in terms of the number of visa applications. Polish talent was most sought after by companies in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Sweden and Germany. In turn, among the most popular industries for Polish workers were computer software, IT and services, financial services or computer games. The most in-demand in the global labor market last year were software engineer, programmer and backend developer.

“Our report clearly shows that recruitment is a global phenomenon. Today, companies are not limited to hiring employees only in their own country. Working remotely allows them to tap into global resources and select talent without restrictions. This is a trend that will grow stronger in today’s technology-dominated world,” notes Laas.

Polish companies in 2023 picked staff not only in Poland, but also in Brazil, Argentina and the United States. The fastest growing markets for domestic companies were Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Canada and the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, among the most popular industries were information technology and services, computer software, computer games, IT consulting, marketing and advertising. The most sought-after positions were primarily programmer, especially back-end programmer, software engineer and Influencer.

Erol Dzhelik
Erol Dzhelik
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