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Centrum Praskie Koneser

Trastevere in Rome, Užupis in Vilnius or Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg in Berlin. These are popular, original places in Europe. In this group, however, Poland’s “representative” cannot be missed. Undoubtedly, it is Praga-Północ, i.e. the regenerating part of right-bank Warsaw. An artistic district with a unique atmosphere, the heart of which is Centrum Praskie Koneser – a wonderfully revitalized, post-industrial space in a former vodka factory. Today, it is a vibrant cultural and gastronomic basin of the city.

A part of the city center which has been neglected for years – just a walk along the Śląsko-Dąbrowski Bridge separates it from the Royal Castle and Sigismund’s Column – now attracts artists and art lovers not only from the capital, but also from all over Poland.

One of the most interesting places in Praga-Północ is the Praga Koneser Center. It is a carefully restored space of the former Warsaw Vodka Factory “Koneser,” where numerous art galleries are active and exhibitions of world-renowned artists are held. Currently, you can see the works of the world-famous Zdzisław Beksiński and the most talented representatives of street art. During the year, almost 300 various cultural and entertainment events take place here. The facility itself is one of the most modern in Poland, which is appreciated by experts – Centrum Praskie Koneser is the most frequently awarded mixed-use investment in the country (including the Architectural Award of the President of the Capital City of Warsaw for the best revitalization and solutions ensuring accessibility).

Festival Koneser Summer – an event not to be missed

Centrum Praskie Koneser is a meeting place for Warsaw residents. Its beautiful city square is not all that attracts the inhabitants of the capital, but it multivarious other attractions. During this year’s summer, the Koneser Festival is held in the Koneser space – dozens of events for children and adults. Among them are free, open-air theaters – the Polonia Theater and Och-Teatr. The artists will present themselves seven more times on the stage of the atmospheric and accessible Koneser Square. Willing people can also take part in the # CHODŹPOTANCZYĆ (every Sunday, until August 21, 4:00 pm, admission free). The dancing Koneser Square is an amazing sight!

In this artistic basin there are also excellent bars, cafes and restaurants – at the forefront of the “Koneser Grill,” noted in the Michelin guide, is, where you can find detailed descriptions of all gastronomic concepts at Centrum Praskie Koneser, and there are over a dozen of them also operating on the premises of Hotel Moxy Warsaw Praga. This property is both a great base for sightseeing and a great stopover during a business trip. Centrum Praskie Koneser is also a rich commercial and service zone, where we can do both everyday shopping and use the services of a hairdresser, bank, etc.

The whole place is complemented by the much-loved Polish Vodka Museum. Here you can learn about the centuries-old history of alcohol produced on the Vistula River, including brands known all over the world, which were bottled in Koneser in the past. Here you can also take part in Polish vodka tasting. Those willing can also buy the best drinks in unique alcohol stores – Alembik and Probiernia J. Urbanowicz.

More information about Centrum Praskie Koneser and the events of the Festival Koneser Summer (also in English) can be found at:

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