Sunday, September 25, 2022

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XIII European Fair of Regional Products

A region is more than just a place on a map. It is created by exceptional people, a special character and a unique culture. The quintessence of a given region is its traditional products and the way they are produced. In order to support regional phenomena, the European Fair of Regional Products was established. It is an event that promotes authenticity and diversity, giving the opportunity to meet
the living cultural heritage of both Poland and Europe.

The XIII European Fair of Regional Products will take place in the very center of Zakopane, on the Upper Krupowa Plain, from 11 to 15 August. During the fair, a very wide range of products will be presented, dairy and confectionery. It will be a great opportunity to taste not only delicious dishes but also drinks, including beer, wine and various types of tinctures. The European Fair for Regional Products offers four thematic zones, and therefore a diverse face of tradition.

A handicraft zone, full of authenticity and originality, which is an opportunity for exhibitors to present their unique works of artistic value with motifs characteristic of a given cultural circle. A cosmetics zone that allows participants to get acquainted with the cosmetics offered by exhibitors with the best composition.

An agri-food zone, where exhibitors, producers have a chance to present their unique products, and a gastronomic zone, full of diversity, where exhibitors can present their products manufactured according to traditional recipes. At the European Fair of Regional Products one can meet outstanding guests: the Circle of Rural Housewives, the Association of Małopolska Chefs and Confectioners, recommended chefs of Podhale inns, as well as representatives of friendly cities and districts. Exceptional guests are happy to present their skills and share their own experience, which makes the fair a place full of attractions, open to discussions and exchange of knowledge.

During the fair, the Oscypek and All Kinds of Cheese Festival takes place, which is preceded by a colorful procession, in which delegations of local authorities, bacowie, invited guests and anyone who wants to join participate. In addition to tasting highlander dishes, various competitions, as well as lectures, the fair is accompanied by an artistic program.

Every year on an outdoor stage you can admire the performances of regional bands, as well as concerts of popular music stars. As a result, the European Fair of Regional Products abounds in a joyful and unique atmosphere and the Tatra District becomes one of the most interesting places on the map of Europe in the summer.